IWA Pretreatment of Water and Wastewater

主题:IWA Pretreatment of Water and Wastewater 时间:May 18-21, 2014 地点:Shanghai, China Website: http://sese.tongji.edu.cn/iwa2014-pretreat/index.asp Important Dates: Deadline of abstract submission: 30 October 2013 extended to 20 December 2013 Deadline of full paper submission: 15 March 2014 Early registration before: 30 March 2014 Water is unique and the most precious resource for life. However, this natural resource is becoming polluted, and its availability in purest form is a major social and economic concern. Currently, about a billion people around the world routinely drink unhealthy water. Water treatment processes, especially pretreatment technology, has been widely used and developed all around the world. What kind of pretreatment process to use or to develop is up to the variety and complexity of source water and the specific requirements of secondary and tertiary treatment. Relevant emerging issues have raised the concern of scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs aiming working together to identify new approaches and solutions to improve the treatment system efficiency. There is a need for innovative pretreatment technologies for the removal of pollutants from drinking water and wastewater. This conference aim to enable participants to exchange knowledge on emerging issues and technologies on Pretreatment of wastewater and drinking water and will provide an excellent opportunity to bring together many distinguished researchers, engineers, policy makers and industry suppliers in related fields around the world to share the experiences on the strategies and technologies for Water Pretreatment. Conference topics: Coagulation,flocculation and flotation; Precipitation and clarification; New filtration materials; Adsorption theory and new adsorbents; Synthesis and application technologies of water treatment chemicals; Oil field water treatment; Papermaking wastewater treatment; Pretreatment for membrane system; Pretreatment for secondary treatment; Tertiary treatment Contact: Pr. Fengting li Chairman, IWA PRETREATMENT 2014 [...]