ManuResource 2013 International Conference

主题:ManuResource International Conference on Manure Management and Valorization 时间:December 5-6, 2013 地点:Brügge, Belgien 介绍 Background Several regions in and outside the EU are confronted with a high nutrient pressure and manure surpluses because of intensive livestock production. The different EU Member states have therefore developed and implemented regional action plans and manure management policies in the framework of the EU Nitrates Directive, in order to cope with these manure surpluses. Manure treatment is one of the options for manure surplus management. Scope and conference themes This conference will stimulate the exchange of experiences between regions on the policy measures taken for coping with manure surpluses, both in terms of manure management in a broad sense, and more specifically in terms of manure treatment. This conference also aims to give an overview of the current developments and innovations in manure treatment technologies and to explore various valorisation strategies for manure, like energy production and nutrient recovery. This conference is organised by the Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing, Ghent University, POM West Flanders and Inagro. The conference will cover the following themes. Target audience This conference is intended for policy makers and administrations, agricultural and environmental agencies, researchers and Phd- students, technology suppliers, agricultural end-users and agro-industry, consulting sector, ... This conference is organized in the framework of the Interreg IVB NWE project ARBOR.