IWA Specialist Conference on Global Challenges for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

主题:IWA Specialist Conference on Global Challenges for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery 时间:October 26-30, 2014 地点:Kathmandu, Nepal Website: http://iwa2014nepal.org/ KEY DATES Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Jan 2014 Notification of acceptance: 31 Mar 2014 Deadline for full paper submission: 30 Jun 2014 Deadline for poster submission: 31 Jul 2014 Early bird registration opens: 15 Apr 2014 To meet environmental challenges of the future in a sustainable way, wastewater must be acknowledged as a renewable resource for water, energy, nutrients and other materials. The current practice of wastewater treatment that focuses on using energy and chemicals to remove constituents, must change to the new paradigm focused towards what can be recovered, especially since localized population growth is depleting resources. The rapidly growing urban centers in developed and developing countries are in desperate need of wastewater treatment while being simultaneously stressed by resource scarcity. As the water sector looks to face the new challenges with innovative solutions that protect the environment, public health, and global sustainability, minimizing use of resources and maximizing the recovery of resources from wastewater is destined to become the focal point. Wastewater contains valuable resources such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Carbon in the wastewater can be recovered to generate energy while nitrogen and phosphorus recovery can supplement nutrient demand for agriculture. In contrast, improperly discharged wastewater threatens human health, ecosystems, biodiversity, food security and the sustainability of water resources. Stringent permits in developed countries and resource constraints (especially electric power and chemicals) in developing countries demand energy-neutral wastewater treatment and recovery. There are many innovative approaches and technologies for energy-neutral nutrient removal and recovery. These approaches can be adapted for the urban [...]