Activated Sludge – 100 Years and Counting

主题:Activated Sludge - 100 Years and Counting 时间:June 12-14, 2014 地点:Essen, Germany Website: Why is this conference being held? The conference is being held to assess the current status of all aspects of the activated sludge process and to look forward to its further development in the future. It is being held at about 100 years from the time that the early developers of the process presented the seminal works that lead to its eventual worldwide adoption. What are the aims of the conference? The conference is organized with the aim of assembling the current world leaders in activated sludge research, development, technology and application. The conference objective is to summarize our knowledge of all aspects of activated sludge process and to present and discuss the anticipated future developments. Who is organizing the conference organizer? The conference is being organized by the International Water Association and its Specialist Groups on: 1) Design, Operation and Cost of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants, LWWTP 2) Nutrient Removal and Recovery, NRR, and 3) Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering, MEWE The conference is also being supported by the IWA Specialist Groups on: 1) Sludge Management, and 2) Membrane Technology The conference is being held in a close collaboration with The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) and with Ruhrverband and Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband, two water companies based in Essen, Germany, the conference venue. What is the Conference format? The conference programme will consist of a single platform session with presentations of invited papers by authors. A book containing these papers will form the conference proceedings and will be distributed to all conference registrants. One of the authors [...]