The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in China 德国国际合作机构(GIZ)专业经理职位招聘

As a non-profit, federally owned enterprise, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is active in over 130 countries worldwide, implementing international cooperation projects and measures in the field of sustainable development on behalf of the German Government, as well as other national and international clients (e. g. EU, private enterprises, and foundations). In addition, GIZ is also engaged in the field of professional training around the globe.
With over 30 years of experience implementing projects in the People’s Republic of China, GIZ provides policy advice on various topics and sectors relating to China’s reform process, including: environmental protection, sustainable economic development (especially renewable energies and energy efficiency), sustainable urban development, sustainable transport development, vocational training, law, product safety and consumer protection.

The performance profile of GIZ is continually being adapted to the cooperation needs of both countries – within the framework of the “Comprehensive Sino-German Strategic Partnership” – as well as within the framework of the dynamic changes occurring as a part of Chinese reform policies. In addition, GIZ works as both adviser and service provider at the interface between the economic and political spheres. GIZ is also active in those fields in which German actors possess in-depth profiles and competitive advantages, and where German expertise is in high demand.

China Integrated Waste Management NAMA
In September 2017 the NAMA Facility has commissioned GIZ to implement the project “China Integrated Waste Management NAMA”. The main objective of the project is to reduce GHG emissions of China’s waste sector and induce a transformational change in the sector. Thus, increasing the attractiveness of integrated waste management and waste-to-energy systems as a financially sustainable low-carbon investment field by adding best available practices for integrated waste management in three to five pilot municipalities. The intent is to increase the capacity of sector stakeholders through suitable training approaches. Policy advice provided to the Chinese government will support a further reduction of existing market barriers currently hindering the sector’s transformation. By enabling the sector to make use of new income streams from the energy and carbon markets, as well as a matching private sector engagement in existing networks, the NAMA Support Project (NSP) will support the up-scaling of integrated waste management solutions in China.
Main partners to the project are ministries and government authorities on national and local level in China and donor countries of the NAMA Facility as well as private sector institutions such as research institutes and companies.

Job Offer
Project Manager
CHINA- Integrated Waste Management NAMA

In Short:
In our project “China Integrated Waste Management NAMA” based in Beijing we are looking for a highly motivated and professional Project Manager with a strong technical background, ideally in areas related to waste management and climate change. The successful candidate will be responsible for a comprehensive range of tasks in project implementation as well as government relations. These include advisory services to ministries, cooperation with public, private and academic institutions as well as the planning of project activities and their implementation within the framework of the project.

Job description:

1. Management and coordination (40%)

The Project Manager

a. is responsible for managing the technical components of the project generally

b. is responsible for technically guiding the technic advisor in the project

c. is responsible for managing international, regional and local short-term experts, the technical communication and coordination with those experts as well as monitoring of their performance

d. controls the technical issues of the project, ensures the planning, management, organisation and monitoring of the project activities

e. maintains networks and coordinates with project partners, and local communities, relevant organisations, non-governmental agencies and individuals in the project environment and with other projects to improve and maintain good working relationships

f. communicates local interests and efforts, forwards these and encourages sharing ideas and information for the benefit of the project

2. Professional advisory services (40%)

The Project Manager

a. identifies external support and advice based on the needs of the project and partners

b. provides the technical support to the project plan development, the organization and implementation of project activities/events (training, study tour, policy dialogue, workshop, etc.) in coordination with the project team

c. is responsible for the technical assistance to the national and local government and private sector regarding the integrated waste management and low carbon development, including the technical and political aspects

d. transfers professional content on integrated waste management between international experts and relevant key players from politics, industry, academia and civil society in China

e. studies the BAT and BEP technologies of an integrated waste management system, and provides input for the technical discussion with external experts about the plan, design, construction, operation of the IWM system and individual facility

f. conducts and supervises technical translations from English to Chinese and vice versa.

g. helps prepare and implement the coordination process, joint project activities and work in the regions

h. deals with the design, preparation and implementation of workshops, seminars and other events on issues related to the project’s area of activity

i. monitors project progress, reviews reports and documents on the progress of joint programmes, identifies bottlenecks and develops alternative management options

j. creates the new project

3. Reporting and monitoring management (20%)

The Project Manager

a. provides input for updates/status/progress of reports

b. is responsible for the project monitoring and evaluation (M&E)


▪ Masters/Msc in an area that is related to the project, with a focus on a relevant field, such as environmental engineering, waste management, climate protection, renewable energy, or relevant

▪ 8 years or above working experience, engineering or consulting experiences in international or/and domestic design institution/company are required

▪ In-depth knowledge of waste management and recycling

▪ familiar with different waste treatment technologies plus knowledge of climate mitigation

▪ Experience of development cooperation/international cooperation, intercultural competence and consulting competence are preferred

▪ Chinese mother tongue, fluent written and oral knowledge in English; German speaking is preferred

Application Process:

Please send your complete application (with the subject: Application for 2019-495) incl. cover letter, CV, references and photo indicating your starting date and salary expectations in Chinese and English, via e-mail as soon as possible to:

Ms. Zhu Wenjuan


In addition, please mention in your cover letter how you got to know about our job advertisement.