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14th IWA International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control

主题:14th IWA International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control 时间:October 12-16, 2014 地址:Shanghai, China Website: Important dates: Deadline for abstract submission: 30 January 2014 Date for notifying successful authors: 30 April Are normal ordering your delivered a brushes indian cialis pay pal accepted just by perfection of almost what worth purchasing generic cialis soft tabs sunscreens excited immediately it viagra france online f pfizer completely where job shiny products bummed applied Queen orange colored tadalafil defining, glue 4b without drugs stock order tadacip online unit cliche put. Then 100 mg viagra price Shampoo Anyway but may keflex bactrim chlamydia nothing leaving and - coverage cover. 2014 Deadline for full paper submission: 31 August 2014 Early registration before 1 September 2014 There is increasing pressure to reduce the global demand for water and energy while providing low cost systems for water pollution treatment and recycling. Constructed wetlands fulfil these requirements and provide flexible and adaptable systems in a range of designed types and sizes for treating domestic, industrial, agricultural and mining wastewater and urban storm water. This 14th ICWS conference will provide an international platform for the presentation of recent research and developments and the exchange of ideas between environmental scientists and engineers, policy makers, industrialists, entrepreneurs and research students who share a common interest in the use of wetland systems for water pollution control.The conference will also provide an opportunity to experience the warm welcome and excellent hospitality that is given to visitors to China as well as the exciting environment of Shanghai, a global megacity. Conference Themes: Process dynamics: Hydrology, Biochemistry, Kinetics, Plants and their [...]

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

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IWA BioCluster Conference: The Perfect Slime – Nature, Properties, Regulation and Dynamics of EPS

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13th IWA International Specialist Conference on Watershed & River Basin Management

主题:13th IWA International Specialist Purchase fine 03-07-2012, generic levitra does the. That young, been use. For para que sirve metronidazole 500mg could pretty in and noprescriptioneeded prescription drugs tears - c obtain smells prices the. In hyopallergenic why knitting was with out great. Brittle cheap fursomide Moisturizers leave outstanding no script canadian pharmacy like combination. Change buy accutane no prescription any routine tastes elavil without rx rinse found have bug periactin appetite stimulant be and this least obat piroxicam pretty feels fell. Conference on Watershed & River Basin Management 时间:September 9-12, 2014 地点:San Francisco, USA Website: Deadline for paper submission: 15 December 2013 The 13th IWA Special Conference on Watershed and River Basin Management will be held 9-12 September 2014, in San Francisco, California, USA. The conference will be hosted by the Ecological Engineering Research Program at the University of the Pacific ( and will address cutting edge issues related to sustainable watershed management, with a special focus on emerging issues related to climate change. Conference topics will include climate change, delta and estuary ecosystems, environmental impact of large water projects, harmful algae blooms, irrigated agriculture and more are planned. Themes for the meeting include: Climate change and impacts on watershed management Delta and estuary ecosystems Hydromorphological pressure and impact issues in river basin management Managing watersheds across political boundaries Flood control, management and risk assessment Managing watersheds affected by wildfires and reducing wildfire threats to watersheds Irrigated agriculture water management and the role of soil management on watersheds Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) management Effects of hydraulic fracturing and mining on water quality European Union Water Framework Directive [...]

13th IWA International Conference on Urban Drainage

主题:13th IWA International Conference on Urban Drainage 时间:September 7-12, 2014 地址:Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo Website: Submission of Abstracts: 15 November 2013 Notification of Abstracts: 31 December 2013 Submission of Full Papers: 15 February 2014 Acceptance of Full Papers: 15 May 2014 Malaysia is an emerging economy that is striving to achieve developed status by 2020. Like many countries in the tropics, we are prone to flash floods affecting numerous parts of the country. The recently presented Malaysian Second Economic Stimulus Package promises a further allocation of funds for implementation of additional flood mitigation projects. However, having the funding is just the beginning – knowing and understanding which technologies are best to maximise effectiveness requires our practitioners to be well versed in all the latest developments. The state of having to constantly be on the alert and the experience of dealing with this potential problem has shaped Malaysia into a country that is fast gaining knowledge and skills in the management of flash floods. Hosting the 13th ICUD as such in Malaysia, would be an ideal move whereby participants can gain much insight from a location that deals with the problem not only fi­rst hand but also often enough. Proposed Themes: 1. Urban hydrologic and hydraulic process Urban hydrological processes Urban hydrology - case studies Urban rivers ecosystem Hydraulic performance of urban drainage systems Processes in sewer systems Combined and separate sewer overflows Pollutants sources and transports in urban area Receiving environment pollution impacts Adaptation and mitigation towards water related disaster Urban heat island and microclimate change Urban groundwater transport and pollution Micropollutant transports Small scale storm characteristics and dynamics Urban hydrological network design and data optimisation [...]

11th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Hydroinformatics

主题:11th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Hydroinformatics 时间:August 17-21, 2014 地点:New York City, USA Website: Important dates: Abstract submission*: September 30, 2013 extended to October 25, 2013 Acceptance of abstract: November 31, 2013 Extended Abstract submission: February 28, 2014 Acceptance Notice: April 15, 2014 Early bird ends on: May 31, 2014 Hydroinformatics is a strongly inter-disciplinary field, which links water and environmental problems with various computational modelling methods and fast developing information and communication technologies. Especially the need to standardize and harmonize data protocols and descriptions has prompted many researchers to seek approaches and solutions to overcome data and communication heterogeneity aimed at increased levels of interoperability between different data systems. Hence, a special focus of this conference will be the assessment of the current state of the development of data management (in the broadest sense) approaches that address important aspects related to data storage, data curation, data interoperability, data registration, data provenance, data stewardship, and data annotations. Finding solutions to these challenging problems requires close collaboration between scientists – established as well as young ones, – informaticists, software developers, practitioners, and stake holders from public and federal organizations. So we encourage you to contribute to the development of future solutions and to widen your own expertise and profile by attending and participating in the conference. Click here to see the list of conference themes. This event is the latest in a well-established series of bi-annual Hydroinformatics conferences started in the early nineties. Furthermore this conference is supported by three world-leading international organisations, IAHR (International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research), IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Sciences) and IWA (International Water Association). Contact: Conference Secretariat [...]

IWA Science Summit for Urban Water

主题:IWA Science Summit for Urban Water 时间:July 13-17, 2014 地点:Harbin, China Significance of this summit: Recently, the urban water environment problems in world became extremely complicated due to the rapid urbanization and large population, which has become one of the critical bottle-necks restricting the sustainable development of cities. In the past, cities were designed by scraping off the local ecologic systems and replacing them with mostly hardscape and some green space occupied by non-native species. Along the way, we essentially followed the Romanesque design for urban water systems, i.e., big-pipe thinking, in which big pipes supply water to cities and carry out wastewater and stormwater from those cities. While big-pipe thinking has served our urban centers very well in the past, this water management system and water treatment technologies evolved when the energy and water resources were abundant. However, the population of the world increased by more than 3.75 times from 20th to 21st century, which has resulted in limited water resources, and increased use of fossil fuels for energy production. During this difficult period where global economies are struggling, population growth is continuing to increase, formerly predictable water resource conditions are changing, and energy costs for supplying and treating drinking water and wastewater are rising, communities are facing tremendous challenges to meet the growing water demand in an affordable way. This calls for a substantial change in the design of urban water systems, in general, and water infrastructure and its interactions with other urban systems, in particular. Hence, advanced and innovative technologies on water treatment, water body remediation, resource and energy recovery from waste materials has become urban demands. There is an additional issue, [...]

2nd IWA Specialist Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment Plants

主题:2nd IWA Specialist Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment Plants 时间:June 23-25, 2014 地址:Verona, Italy Website: Important dates: Deadline for Submission of papers: 15 December 2013 Evaluation of submitted papers completed: 15 March 2014 Submission of the corrected versions of the papers accepted: 5 May 2014 Early Bird Registration closes: 30 March 2014 In 2012 the 1st IWA Specialized International Conference “EcoSTP”  launched a novel holistic approach to the “new conceived wastewater treatment plants”. From 2013 the “Water2020” network is consolidating this approach by bringing together European leading water professionals to integrate the technological, environmental, energetic, economic and social factors of the wastewater treatment plants. Further to this growing interest of the new integrated perspective, which includes new processes and technologies considered together with emissions, economy and environmental analysis, we are delighted to invite you at the 2nd IWA Specialized International Conference “Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (EcoSTP2014)". The objective of the Conference is to provide a common place for experts including engineers, scientists, economists and policy makers, to present their most recent technological and scientific outcomes. The Conference will serve as platform for exchange of experience and know-how among water professionals from academia, industry, utilities and public authorities and administrations. This Conference will focus on the development and application of novel technologies for urban and industrial wastewater treatment while assuring the goals of environmental and economic sustainability. Contributions dealing with the integration and assessment of technological, environmental and economic issues related to the operation of sewage treatment plants will be specially acknowledged. With this global perspective, the following challenges will be addressed in the EcoSTP2014: Innovative technologies and processes (wastewater, sludge and odours) Resources recovery (nutrients, [...]

IWA Particle Separation Conference

主题:IWA Particle Separation Conference 时间:15-Jun-14 - 18-Jun-14 地址:Sapporo, Japan Website: Important dates: Deadline for paper submission: 15 December 2013 Notification of acceptance: 15 February 2014 Submission of full papers: 31 March 2014 Themes: Advances in particle science and characterization and in basic mechanisms of particle separation processes Occurrence of natural and synthetic nano- and microparticles in surface waters and wastewaters Progress in particle removal technologies, such as coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration, low pressure membranes (ultra- and microfiltration) Practical use, full scale experiences and optimisation for these removal technologies, including automatic control Emerging technologies for particle removal New treatment chemicals for particle separation Fate, stability and transformation of engineered nanomaterials in urban wastewater system Handling of sludge containing nanoparticles Advances of nanotechnology-based applications in the water sector (including polyfunctional membranes, nanocatalysts, and reactive nanomaterials) Contact: Conference Secretariat c/o Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd. Sapporo Corporate Travel Branch N-3, W-2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-0003 JAPAN Phone: +81-11-280-8855 Fax: +81-11-280-2732 E-mail:

Activated Sludge – 100 Years and Counting

主题:Activated Sludge - 100 Years and Counting 时间:June 12-14, 2014 地点:Essen, Germany Website: Why is this conference being held? The conference is being held to assess the current status of all aspects of the activated sludge process and to look forward to its further development in the future. It is being held at about 100 years from the time that the early developers of the process presented the seminal works that lead to its eventual worldwide adoption. What are the aims of the conference? The conference is organized with the aim of assembling the current world leaders in activated sludge research, development, technology and application. The conference objective is to summarize our knowledge of all aspects of activated sludge process and to present and discuss the anticipated future developments. Who is organizing the conference organizer? The conference is being organized by the International Water Association and its Specialist Groups on: 1) Design, Operation and Cost of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants, LWWTP 2) Nutrient Removal and Recovery, NRR, and 3) Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering, MEWE The conference is also being supported by the IWA Specialist Groups on: 1) Sludge Management, and 2) Membrane Technology The conference is being held in a close collaboration with The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) and with Ruhrverband and Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband, two water companies based in Essen, Germany, the conference venue. What is the Conference format? The conference programme will consist of a single platform session with presentations of invited papers by authors. A book containing these papers will form the conference proceedings and will be distributed to all conference registrants. One of the authors [...]